Set-up a hack-free system

Have you already set-up a cybersecurity facility for your organization? Is it secure enough?

Know your Security Posture and fix your cybersecurity gaps with ITx Vulnerability Scan.

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People using the ESS payroll system and HRIS in the Philippines.

Are you 100% ready for a cyberattack?

Can you imagine having to face your clients after losing your data due to a
completely avoidable cyberattack on your system?

Secure your business and critical data with ITx Vulnerability Scan.

ITx can show you how easy it is for cybercriminals to steal information from you.
We can then create a custom plan to ensure a high level of cybersecurity in your network.

How It Works



Click on an execute button



Let the system run once.



We analyze your results and present to you our findings

The findings we could gather include:

Security Patches & Vulnerability Management

Find out if your network has any vulnerabilities coming from patch management issues.

Your Network’s Perimeter Defense

Scan your cybersecurity system to test whether your firewalls are properly, appropriately, and correctly configured.

Identity & Access Management

Monitor if your team is using inadequate, repeated or easily cracked passwords for critical accounts on your network. 

Identify Serious Data Leaks

Pinpoint the location of sensitive data and ensure your network is secured and well guarded. 

Measure Your Malware Defenses

Determine if your system is well equipped to fend off any imminent cyber attack.

Information To Inform Your Cybersecurity Decision Making

Learn where your cybersecurity REALLY stands.

You don’t have to be that company that is under the mercy of cybercriminals, while trying to handle compromised client data loss, incoming lawsuits and quickly depleting bank accounts to remedy the situation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Let us change how cybersecurity is implemented in your organization and see the ITx difference.

ITx’s Cybersecurity Services

Managed Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Vulnerability Scanning

Network Security


End Point Protection

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Password Management

Breach Scanning

Access Management

Brand Protection

SOC As A Service

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Keep your business running the way it should be.

We’ll make sure that the IT infrastructure of your business is up-to-date, secured and reliable.
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