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With ITx’s web application firewall support, we can build your private network easily and conveniently. Though it may be a challenge to maintain the security of your private network over time, there are still ways to keep with this hurdle. We partner up with Cloudflare in setting up your business application protection.

The combined expertise of ITx and innovative functionalities of Cloudflare can help protect your businesses from cyberattacks to your websites, APIs, and applications, ensuring the reliability of your external-facing resources. This protection makes your internal resources well equipped to take on challenges against your digital business tools. As such, you can have a safe platform to develop globally-scalable applications.

Features and Services

Website Protection

Web applications and APIs can make or break your business. Keeping these digital tools secure is key to increasing the productivity of your operations. ITx can protect your applications and APIs from potential digital abuse, stop unwanted and harmful bots on their track, fight against system attacks, and monitor your network for any suspicious activities.

By using Cloudflare's network and turning it to your enterprise security perimeter, you gain a powerful update for your applications suite, improving your overall system security. ITx can then turn to Cloudflare’s security, managed from a single console, and delivers from all its global edge network of 270 data centers across more than 100 countries. This is an outstandingly expansive resource for incredible efficiency, unlimited scalability and unmatched reliability.

Virtual Application Optimization

Today's web pages are exponentially growing and becoming more complex. This comes with a globally lateral expansion of audience, which can affect your target users’ experience. With ITx website optimization support, you can increase your web applications’ performance by bringing content closer to your users.

On top of that, fast data delivery on your website is not just about transfering files to your visitors. It’s mainly about ensuring that the first pixels load on your visitors’ screens immediately as soon as possible. This is virtual system optimization.

Secure Work-From-Anywhere

Your business may have already evolved to a remote business, wherein you engage your contractors, clients and workforce virtually almost always. With this unprecedented expansion, you now require secure access to internal applications and tools — no matter where in the world your point of contact is located.

Through Cloudflare, ITx enables seamless, identity- and context- based application access and software-defined security for your day-to-day systems operations. This allows you to ensure your remote teams can safely and still efficiently utilize your business tools and devices. All these functions run simultaneously, without sacrificing data quality, system performance or optimal user experience.

Network Acceleration

An enterprise-level network system is all about connectivity, security, and performance. Let ITx deliver professional-grade service as your managed service provider. Creating and monitoring high-grade enterprise connectivity architectures and networking systems may come as a challenging task for today’s evolving business requirements patterns.

ITx and Cloudflare partner up to deliver networking services and solutions to support your business network connection securely. Doing so ensures an acceleration of corporate networks at practically less cost and less effort in managing and configuring your current network hardware.

Cloud Deployment Management

Cloud storage and cloud computing have become an integral element of an increasingly major aspect of IT budget basis. Furthermore, different clouds have different strengths and weaknesses, opening more factors to consider during your decision-making process.

Don’t let these tie you down in an endless loop of considerations and growth delays. We can help you keep your options open. Getting professional guidance across public, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments can make the biggest difference in terms of your efficient utilization of your cloud systems.

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