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ITx provides a wide range of tools, platforms and channels to ensure high performance and unparalleled security to protect the integrity of your WordPress Website.

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Optimize Your Enterprise-level Website

Website optimization and security should be your major priorities. You need to know how to protect your organization’s main online channel. WordPress Enterprise Hosting covers hosting upgrade, multilevel protection, system risk assessment, management and recovery, and scalable infrastructure.

With Wordpress Enterprise Hosting, ITx can help protect your brand’s online presence with an advanced, enterprise-grade WordPress security. You can focus on running your business knowing that our platforms are well equipped and ready to face security challenges that may come your way.

Features and Services

WordPress Optimized Environment

We use high performance dedicated or shared virtual machines and operating systems to host your WordPress website.

Enterprise grade virtual machines with solid state disks for high performance Nginx, PHP 8.1, complete isolation, MariaDB, and premium DNS

Integrated Cloudflare Protection

Cloudflare DDoS protection with free SSL

Mitigation for hundreds of DDoS attacks for our clients’ sites. Automatic SSL certificates with wildcard support covering all subdomains.

Includes Web Application Firewall and front-end optimizations such as: 72% reduction in Time to First Byte (TTFB), 23% reduction to First Content ful Paint and 13% reduction in Speed Index for desktop users at the 90th percentile

Server and WordPress Hardening

Ports are locked down, and Fail2Ban and the Linux UFW(uncomplicated firewall) are preconfigured. Access is SSH Key restricted and server security updates are automatically taken care of.

Our platform integrates and configures the ff: Sftp and ssh access only, Website isolation, Secure file and directory permission, Secure PHP, HTTP strict transport security, Secure usernames and passwords by default, Disable directory browsing/system file protection, Secure wp-config.php,Blocked install.php, Block WP OPML links functionality

Brute Force Protection

A brute force attack is an attempt to gain access to your website by systematically entering all possible passwords until the correct one is found and they’re able to login. It is literally sheer, relentless brute force hammering away at your login page. If left unchecked, this can put a tremendous strain on your server’s resources, similar to how a DoS attack works

Our platform integrates and configures the ff: Fail2banintegration and Nginx rate limiting

DDoS Protection

DoS stands for “denial of service”. This is where an attacker uses a single internet connection to flood a server with TCP and UDP packets. These packets overwhelm the server’s resources, rendering it unable to serve your website’s visitors, possibly causing it to shut down entirely. The goal is to take you offline, denying access to your website or network.

Our platform integrates and configures the ff: Fail2ban,DisableXML RPC, Disable concatenating load scripts, Geoi prestriction, and Cloudflare DDOS protection

Injection and XSS Prevention

These are the type of attacks that most people imagine when we talk about malware, and the type of attacks we all dread. They’re terrible for our visitors, terrible for our reputation and SEO, and they’re very hard to clean up. If a website gets blacklisted, say goodbye to 95% of your organic traffic.

Our platform integrates and configures the ff: WAF, Modsecurity, Block wp-trackbacks.php., Disable PHPexecution in the uploads, plugin, and theme directories, Security headers, Cloudflare firewall rules

CSP Implementation

A Content Security Policy (CSP) is a set of instructions for browsers to follow when loading up your website, delivered as part of your website’s HTTP Response Header. This is a widely supported security standard that can help you prevent injection-based attacks by fine-tuning what resources a browser is allowed to load on your website.

It specifies exactly where the browser is allowed to load resources from, and it’s an effective way of blocking anything malicious loading from elsewhere should instructions to do so somehow make their way into your website.

Security Monitoring

We continuously and consciously monitor what happens inyour website. We do the following to further protect yourWordPress Website:

1. WordPress specific malware scanning
2. File integrity monitoring
3. Security alerts

Disaster Recovery

We do backups, backups and more backups. We always practice to have server image based backup andoff-site backup. All backups are automatic and scheduled which eliminates the possibility of missing a backup job, whether on data center or offsite cloud backup site.

Vulnerability Assessment

We do make sure to have the sites protected from security breaches by continuously monitoring your evolving attack surface and running proactive vulnerability scans.

This monitoring finds cyber security weaknesses in your digital infrastructure, to avoid costly data breaches.

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