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ITx virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software uses virtualization technology on your desktop and all other systems set-up. This allows critical end users to access the system virtually using their native desktops. Take advantage of this system upgrade on your operational infrastructure to increase productivity and efficiency to your business.

Since this support system requires an extensive system of VMs running at high rates, VDI environments can be more complex than the usual remote desktop environments. ITx can support your server hardware requirements to run desktop operating systems (OS) such as Windows or Linux, or any other specialized operational programs that your business may require.


Systems Virtualization

ITx provides desktop, application and mobile virtualization for your systems infrastructure. This enables any platform environment simulations, allowing the applications to run on the cloud. Virtual systems images are created and can then be accessed remotely. Take note that not every VDI software tool covers mobile applications. ITx offers options for access through a mobile browser to navigate the virtual environment.

Access Management

All users can easily manage their key systems using mobile devices anywhere they may be. Multi-device portability is a key feature that enables critical users to access their desktop using various devices such as mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. IT teams can also update and configure all virtual desktops easily since VDI hosts desktop environments on a centralized server and makes them accessible to end users.

High-grade Security

Security is always important to any form of virtual access on a business infrastructure. Two-factor authentication and Single sign-on (SSO) are key features that VDI supports to provide multifactor security identification in order to connect to the whole system. VDI solutions are also encrypted to ensure files are secured while in transit, in storage or being accessed through unsecured WiFi.


ITx provides software options in its VDI environment to allow a single user to run two operating systems using one machine. You can also allow access to an entire enterprise on your virtualized machines. Your preferred option depends heavily on the number of users trying to access any of your virtualized desktops. ITx can provide you scaling options for your virtualized desktops to carry more users in the future. This may become necessary as your organization grows. External standalone virtual tools may not be able to support the same scalability as enterprise-grade software suites.

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