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ITx offers Managed Firewall services as a revolutionary option of setting up a firewall system and other network security as you operate in your business.

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Firewall and Network Protection Simplified

Cybersecurity has grown to be an increasingly integral part in business IT systems, and it has become top of the list of IT requirements for most organizations. As such, having an updated, modern and efficient firewall should be a critical first line of defense on any business security protocol.

This cybersecurity support has become the modern way to make sure that you have the latest cybersecurity technology for your organization. It is highly convenient, more affordable and outright flexible as it can easily be upgraded as you expand your organization.

ITx regularly implements the latest firewall technology for your site organization to maintain systems protection against cyberthreats such as malware and attacks from hackers. The service includes automatic updates on up-to-date security protection software, reliable client technology support and hardware replacement as needed.

Features and Services

Enhanced Firewall Apps

Managing your security network and keeping your every device sufficiently protected may be a complicated, daunting and even costly task for you. ITx can simplify your whole network protection with a software platform that is designed to match the ever-changing demands of your organization.

ITx uses Enhanced Firewall Applications to simplify the implementation of network security automation, customizability and programmability. Using integration systems partnered up with technology partners, we can address a wide range of operational security measures your business requires. As an all around cybersecurity system, these threat-prevention applications provide a comprehensive solution with reliable client support from our team.

Advanced Cybersecurity

To be efficient and successful in battling against virtual threats, your security measures should be reliable and wide reaching. It must be able to control high volumes of digital traffic through virtual awareness through applications, systems and access points. To do so, it needs to be thorough, easy to manage, scalable, and fool-proof as it goes through dynamic environments.

ITx cybersecurity platforms are rooted in comprehensive and deep system analysis of data centers and cloud networks.This allows us to provide sustained diagnostics and uninterrupted monitoring of your overall system, which is highly critical in implementing successful security protocols. Large-scale network interfaces, integrated security services and simplified network management systems can provide unyielding protection from cyber threats and malware at every level.

Enterprise Network Management

What sets ITx apart from other Cybersecurity service providers is our unique Enterprise-level Network Management system. We can provide expansive security support throughout a wide threat landscape with the use of our innovative security tools managed by an expertly trained monitoring team.

To ensure immediate collection of data and analysis of cyberattack patterns, We use an artificial intelligence solution as we conduct network monitoring operations and optimizations. ITx leverages all virtual security solutions within our Enterprise Network Management system to provide complete network supervision. We layout inspection points across the network to ensure analysis of threat data instantaneously, enabling more dynamic insights gathering throughout the network operations center (NOC).

Cloud Security Management

In this age of cloud computing and multiple device operations for the evolving work environment, the need for cloud network protection has become a requirement. It has become critical for organizations to ensure that their security solutions can fend off cyberattacks beyond the surface. The ever-evolving cyber threats have rendered reactionary measures inadequate. It’s now all about being proactive.

ITx creates secure cloud access and operational use to fight against the latest advanced threats and virtual vulnerabilities. We fuse cloud innovations and technologies with integrated monitored threat detection merging it with responsive IT security services. This professional-grade combination provides a round-a-clock protection, on-point monitoring, and real-time response as organizations move through the business operations in the cloud.

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