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Ramp up your business with the fastest, most flexible and most reliable virtual network for your daily operations. while keeping your assets safe and secure.

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People using the ESS payroll system and HRIS in the Philippines.

ITx Virtual Network Solutions can tailor fit to your business. We are your technology partner to help you create custom and flexible options and network executions. We provide professional services that can help you drive your technology towards your target business objectives, system growth and technological development.

Make your systems transformation simpler and more efficient. When you depend on your systems network to deliver exceptional customer experiences to boost your productivity, make it simple and easy to use. With ITx Virtual Network, we remove the complexity of a fully functioning virtual system for your team. This enables you to customize new service options and functions that cater to your business requirements. 


Keep Your Remote Access Secured

Security and reliability in your virtual connections are key to your daily operations, especially for a remote and hybrid workforce operations model. Every modern business needs multi-layered solutions and ample online network resources. This ensures your mobile team is accessing corporate networks and tapping external cloud services with a high level of security.

Protect Your Credentials to SaaS Applications

Your organization requires access to more cloud services for almost all aspects of your business. How do you ensure that your employees use these virtual tools safely? ITx can help you establish the right security protocol at every level. We make sure that every key personnel has secure and private access to every online service in your business.

Conveniently Access Systems Networking

When you need to extend your enterprise, you need to have a site-to-site virtual private network that can securely meet requirements.  By interconnecting your corporate network, you can set-up your remote offices and cloud systems through encrypted channels. ITx can securely connect your delegated network locations without any unnecessarily expensive hardware and/or overly complicated setup.

Create an Enterprise-Grade Cyber Threat Protection

When you deploy your team for your WFH set-up, you allow your workforce to access your system via the internet from their personal mobile devices. This opens the gate to network breaches that are highly difficult to safeguard. ITx can implement internet policies and content safety protocols to protect your team against any cyberattacks. You can now reduce online threats without sacrificing systems performance.

Enjoy Convenience with Security

When you allow remote employees to work outside your business firewall, they usually use BYOD devices which usually have unrestricted access. Though this may be acceptable, this renders your network a big target for cyberattacks. ITx has a protection system that can equip your team and ward off malware and phishing attacks that may arise due to these unrestricted internet accesses.

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