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Create a monitoring protocol to determine unwanted and unnecessary risks across your operations system. One of the key requirements of this system is scanning for publicly and privately accessible servers, business portals, company websites, endpoint hardware, and cloud by using industry-grade scanning platforms.

When you find vulnerabilities such as incorrect configurations, update gaps and missing patches, encryption challenges, and program bugs, you need to then act to save your overall network. Let iTx be your partner to a comprehensive end-to-end vulnerability scanning.

Features and Services

Vulnerability Management System

Stay protected from any security breaches by keeping a monitoring schedule and tracking of ever-evolving cyber attack operations. This includes running regular proactive vulnerability scans to stay ahead of these threats.

Staying ahead of hackers may be challenging. With ITx, you can now be proactive to effortlessly be in control of your cybersecurity system. Since hackers don’t wait for you before they act, they usually execute their harmful attacks within days as soon as they discover new vulnerabilities in your system. We can help ensure your system security against even the most updated cyberthreats before they act against you and harm you permanently.

Attack Surface
Management System

Lower the risk of threats to your attack surface by religiously monitoring any changes in your operations system and threat exposure to any vulnerabilities. ITx can make the whole system more secure for a more dynamic IT environment in your business.

With the IT environment of organizations quickly adapting to the rapid changes in modern business implementation, risks are inadvertently introduced. It’s your duty to stay on top of these network changes to prevent any unintentional exposure. It’s time to partner up with ITx to achieve a wider vision to control over your attack surface.

Efficient and Convenient Systems Reporting

ITx can generate high-quality reports for your own analysis, client review or compliance with security regulations, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and Cyber Essentials. We make your compliance audits evidently easy, convenient and efficient.

We are confident that we can deliver the highest level of security services for your constantly growing business. Our security monitoring platform can produce high-quality and comprehensive reports that are easy to review and analyze for you to immediately create any necessary action plan. This can also help you easily streamline your compliance operations to confidently pass any security compliance certifications and standards.

Intelligent results

You need to fully understand your actual attack surface. Doing so will help you prioritize which security issue you need to immediately fix and ensure you are not left exposed. ITx can give you access to view all vulnerabilities in your system under one platform.

With how businesses run nowadays, you need to quickly find your most critical vulnerabilities and fix it ASAP! ITx analyzes the output from our industry-leading and corporate-level scanning tools, then generates recommendations based on results according to the vulnerability context. Ultimately, this can save you time to put your energy on what really matters - your business operations!

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