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Take the right step to safeguard valuable data of your business. ITx Data Backup and Protection services offer a comprehensive solution to make sure your data is secured, always available, and recoverable as needed. With advanced technologies and an expert team, ITx can assure that your data is in safe hands. 

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Automated Backup

ITx can help you set-up automated and scheduled backups of your business data to guarantee that your every data is always protected. The ITx system manages the backup process, reducing human error and saving you more time with less effort.

Incremental Backups

ITX performs incremental backups. This means that only the changes made since the last backup are saved. This reduces the backup time and ensures efficient storage utilization.

Off-Site Storage

Your data is securely housed and secured in a data center that is regularly maintained by our IT professionals. This significantly reduces the risk of any data loss because of localized attacks, virtual disasters or hardware malfunctions. This now becomes an extra layer of protection for your business.


ITx employs robust encryption algorithms to keep your data protected during transit and storage. This renders your sensitive information highly guarde and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Data Versioning

Our services maintain multiple versions of your data, allowing you to restore to a specific point in time. This feature is invaluable when dealing with accidental deletions, file corruptions, or data breaches.

Regular Integrity Checks

We perform regular integrity checks on your backups to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data. In case any issues are detected, we take immediate action to rectify them, ensuring reliable data recovery.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Our dedicated team monitors your backup processes round the clock, ensuring that backups are completed successfully and any issues are addressed promptly. We provide complete technology support to help you in your queries or concerns.


Data Security

Protect your sensitive business data from cyber attacks - from unauthorized access and malware attacks to hardware failures and natural disasters. Our robust backup and encryption measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Business Continuity

In the event of data loss or system failure, our Data Backup and Protection services enable swift data recovery, minimizing downtime and allowing your business to resume operations without significant disruptions.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Our services help you meet regulatory compliance standards and legal requirements regarding data protection and retention. Maintain peace of mind knowing that your data management practices align with industry standards.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our services can be tailored to suit your specific needs, allowing you to scale your backup and protection solution as your business grows. We accommodate various data types, volumes, and retention periods.


By outsourcing your data backup and protection with ITx, you reduce your expenses for additional investment on in-house IT resources, additional hardware and maintenance expenses. ITx offers a more cost-efficient option that can save you time and money.

Peace of Mind

 With ITx’s reliable and comprehensive data backup and protection support, you can focus more on your daily operations and core business activities. You now know that your important business data is secured and recoverable as needed.

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