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When you think you are all set with your cybersecurity measures, you may be wrong. For data breach to occur in your organization, all it takes is one mistake - from your employees, from you or from your security platform itself.

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Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for newer, more aggressive and more advanced methods to mislead unsuspecting individuals and put their organization at high risk. As such, it is important to go for a proactive approach and create a more robust security culture in your company. 

ITx covers everything you need. We implement everything your business may require for cybersecurity continuity. We provide AutoPhish, annual and regular critical data protection training program, Dark Web Monitoring, and weekly micro-training quizzes in our ITx Employee Vulnerability Assessment dashboard. This allows you to have a more convenient monitoring system of all regular and critical users in your organization.

Unlike traditional and less effective approaches such as domain monitoring, ITx offers a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system for your brand protection. It monitors, reviews, interprets and determines whether a marketing channel it analyzes has potential malicious activities.


Continuous Dark Web Monitoring

Proactively keep an eye on the dark web and monitor it for any compromised account data. As soon as any alarm is raised, end-users are soon notified of the breach. Thus, these users can then change their passwords to initiate security protocols. End-users can also have the power to scan the dark web for any personal accounts and any related mentions of their friends and family with no limit on the access.

Unlimited AutoPhish Campaigns

Creating a routine that includes simulated phishing is a proven measure in minimizing the risk of your staff or any other end-use security breach. This precautionary set-up prevents any of your people from falling victim to any malicious phishing attempt. ITx can help you start a routine of internal phishing activities to help prepare your staff. This instills into your users the proper behavior of IT professionals before clicking any link on any communication.

Regular Security Education for your Team

ITx can provide regular, weekly micro-training videos & short tests together with a monthly cybersecurity newsletter to your team. This proactive measure keeps your organization up-to-date and always equipped with basic and critical cybersecurity knowledge with our 2-minute, interactive and complete educational videos. You can use these customizable materials to support technical information dissemination to all your users as you see fit for your company.

Security Policies Documentation

Setup and publish security policies for your organization. ITx provides this key technical operation document to establish expectations to your team. This also explains any repercussions of any course of action to protect you and your clients’ organizations. Our document management portal houses a comprehensive database of customizable security policies for different functions you may need for your daily operations.

Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment

ITx identifies human vulnerabilities and any related risks in your overall network security. Based on industry standards, the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) report we provide assesses you and your client's vulnerabilities - from administrative and operational, to physical and virtual. Any possible sources of risk and potential attacks are identified as the first step of the comprehensive approach we will take together for your company. We then provide recommendations and technical guidance for improvement options and their respective expectations.

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