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With ITx’s Security Operations Center (SOC), we can deliver a more advanced and more expansive managed threat detection system and incident response services. We ensure your organization is always safe from any emerging cyber threats that’s on the rise almost everyday.

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Protecting your organization from cyber attacks is an ever-evolving science. It’s no longer just about setting preventive measures and automated technology to protect your business well enough. It’s all about making sure you have the three key foundations of cybersecurity – staff, system and smart technology.

A responsible organization invests in their own in-house SOC, especially those that have reached a significant milestone in business expansion. However, doing so is such a huge upfront cost and investing on an upscale team with advanced technology may be too much for any organization.

ITx’s SOC is a security managed service that aims to provide businesses of any size, industry and capacity with enterprise-level threat detection capabilities and incident response system at significantly affordable rates.


On-demand Professional Support Service

In recent years, cyber threats have been constantly evolving and creating an unending strain of harmful implications on business systems. With our 24/7 Managed SOC solution, ITx is always on the lookout for cyber threats, regularly monitoring and keeping your business safe. We are all geared up to support any types of businesses who are also on the lookout to protect their business and always keep a fighting stance all day everyday.

The Best of the Best in the Industry

With more than 2 decades of combined industry experience, ITx is a professionally structured and reliable strategic partner on cybersecurity monitoring and protection implementation. Our cyber security professionals are expertly trained and are highly capable to stop cyber attacks right on their tracks. Whatever industry your business may be in, we guarantee to give you peace of mind that your business is safe and secure.

Efficient yet Affordable Security System

Operate a Security Operations Center (SOC) definitely requires a huge investment. Not all businesses can set-up and manage security technologies, and hire cybersecurity professionals to ensure 24/7 protections for your business systems. ITx managed service allows you to have a working cybersecurity system that would detect threats and respond accordingly. With our security system, you can get an end-to-end SOC as a service that includes advanced security technologies and support from our expert

Network Supervision, Monitoring and Response

As part of the ITx SOC as a service, we can monitor every critical aspect of your operations network. You can free up your in-house IT professionals and cybersecurity team knowing that your main business environment is already professionally monitored. Our monitoring system is set to lookout for any system anomalies and critical logs. We can then respond accordingly to these threats following incident response protocols to immediately handle any security incidents and prevent breaches from further affecting your network.

Enterprise-Grade Security Operations with AI Capabilities

Detect and cease any threats to your business system before they cause further harm. The ITx SOC system serves as your birds-eye view over your operations environment. Using cloud technologies and enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, we make threat detection and security prevention response more comprehensive and more efficient. Our preventive approach eliminates any complex security infrastructure setup, which then gives you more scalability to make sure you meet your security requirements.

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