Network Security

When you need protection for your networking infrastructure against unauthorized access, incorrect use or theft of virtual information, you need to set-up and enhance your network security. Create a secure infrastructure for your business with ITx.

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Learn more about how network security runs in your business. ITx will help you combine multiple levels of protection for your virtual network. Every level of network security implements key controls and critical protocols to maintain system integrity. Authorized users will have secured access to your network resources, while any malicious entities are kept away to prevent any exploit and threat execution.

With this digitization in your business, you are all set to operate your business in the transformed world of today. Every business that wants to provide products and services to your target customers are all set. Thus, employees and business leaders should have key protection in their virtual network. Network security can also keep your proprietary information protected against virtual attacks. Ultimately, this ensures your reputation is protected as well.


Comprehensive Security Software

When setting up cyber security protocols for your business, you need antivirus and antimalware software to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks. These grant protection to critical information of your business from malicious software, such as viruses, trojans, malware and ransomware. The best software to get should be able to scan files upon entry to your network and continuously and regularly scans files and track them accordingly.

Firewall Protection

Set-up a barrier between any untrusted and unreliable external networks and your valuable and trusted internal systems. This is where Firewalls for your network come in. Administrators would normally configure a set of pre-defined and regularly evolving rules that allow or prevent traffic into your operational network. ITx provides a seamless, reliable and comprehensively managed control system for network traffic flow.

Network Monitoring and Access Control

The main purpose of this function is to prevent potential attackers from infiltrating your operational network. To do so, a comprehensive access control system and systematic policies need to be laid out for both the users and specific hardware. All these cybersecurity measures can be set at the most basic level. In this regard, you can provide administrators complete access to the network while personal devices that are connecting through this network may have limited access to specific sections.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks (VPNs) create a bridge that connects to the network from an alternate endpoint or location. This is evident when users working outside your physical office would normally and necessarily connect to your organization's network over a VPN. Data mobilized between these two points is then encrypted, which in turn the user is required to validate to allow normal communication between their device and the mother network. With ITx’s support, organizations can create VPNs to ensure all locations are protected with a high level security solution.

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